Grace Phone Bag


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Grace Phone Bag, a stylish and functional accessory crafted from split leather. This flap-shaped bag offers a soft texture and thoughtful interior organization.

The exterior of the Grace Phone Bag features an open pocket, providing convenient access to frequently used items.

Inside the bag, you’ll find a cell phone pocket, an interior zipper pocket, and an interior compartment, allowing for efficient storage and organization of your essentials.

With a soft texture, this bag offers a comfortable and flexible feel.

The zipper closure ensures the security of your belongings while adding a sleek and modern touch.

The bag is adorned with diamond lattice decorations and appliques, adding an elegant and stylish element to its design.

With a single handle/strap, this bag offers a convenient and fashionable carrying option.

The lining material of the bag is made from polyester, ensuring durability and a smooth interior.